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Our Story

To us, raising cattle is more than just having animals on the farm. We care about each individual cow, making sure they are healthy, happy, and taken care of properly.

In 1973, Arthur Miller, 80 years old was no longer able to take care of his cattle so his grandson, Bill Maurer began feeding and caring for them before and after school throughout his senior year. When summertime came, his grandpa told him to pick out a heifer of his choice. This is where Bill’s herd began. Bill took his single cow and put it in with his father’s small herd which he had started a few years earlier. The herd gradually became larger as father and son would keep heifers from the cows and slowly increase the herd.

After the passing of Bill’s father in 2006, Bill and his wife, Susan, purchased his father’s part of the herd. They continued the same practice of keeping the heifers and switching the bull every two years. The bloodline can be traced back to the beginning.  The cattle (mostly black angus with a hereford or two mixed in) are still raised as his father and grandfather raised their cattle….by hand feeding grain and supplement and grass and hay at all times. There are no steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics or chemicals in any of the feed, hay or pasture. Bill takes pride in the method in which he cares for his cattle. He tends to them and hand feeds them twice each day.  He knows each cow and is familiar with individual traits and quirkiness.

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